A Beautiful Send Off

It’s the last night of our trip. Tomorrow we start our journey back home.

Our trip ended on a perfect note.

Sedona is one of the few places in the country that has laws against light pollution. The stars are beautiful. So we wanted to end our night by chillin at a star gazing sight and drinking hot chocolate.

Wouldn’t you know… it’s cloudy.

What a bummer.

I got hot chocolate and Jules made a detour to Coldstone for some ice cream. On our drive back to the resort, we received a wonderful sendoff from a pack of Coyotes.

You have to understand, my wife is convinced that she is part coyote. She believes that coyotes are her spirit animal. There’s no reason for this. I don’t think she read it in a horoscope or anything. She simply decided that she was part coyote. She has a tattoo for “proof.”

Seeing these beautiful animals give us a nod on their last night was a perfect ending to a perfect trip.