A Philosophy of Service

Ever since I got sober, I have lived with a philosophy of service.

Service work has many purposes. It’s an ideal outcome for people on all sides.

If you seek to serve, here’s what happens.

  • You make the world a better place - “The world” could mean your community, your job, your family, the lives of a strangers.

  • You fill yourself up with positivity - The good feelings we all get from helping others is universal. When you bring a smile to other people’s face, when you relieve suffering, you become filled with purpose.

  • You provide for yourself - When you help others, you provide value. When you provide value, you create demand. People will want to be around you and the opportunities are endless.

What could possibly be better than an outcome in which you profit, you feel good, other people feel good, and others profit?

It’s the ultimate win - win.

I’ve spent some time this morning reflecting on my philosophy of service. It’s obvious to me that anything I have done that has succeeded, was built on the backbone of service.

When I think less about myself (less about my fears, less about the things that I am displeased about), and when I instead think about how I can contribute (how I can help people and how I can play my small role in adding value to people’s lives), things go better for me.