Audience First

One of the things I realized over the last week is how much time I spend thinking about myself. I was thinking back to when I was writing every day for Sober Nation and for Stodzy and it felt so effortless. What was I doing back then that enabled the words to flow with such ease?

I think I know…

I was more mindful of writing for my audience back then. I approached every blank page with the intention of service. My goal was to help my readers. What do I know that I can share with other people that will help them?

That’s the secret to great writing.

When I talk to my students on Copyblogger Pro, one of the first things I teach is to always be of service to your audience. No one cares about you, everyone cares about themselves.

“Audience first” as Brian Clark likes to remind me.

It’s time I start taking my own advice.