Be a Rocket, Not a Bomb

I have a lot of ideas, too many ideas. I need to keep focused.

Focus is the differentiator for me. It always has been. When I continuously remind myself to focus on a certain task or metric, I almost always hit my goal.

So what are my goals? What should I be focused on?

1. Stodzy - At the beginning of the year, Bryan and I put some very aggressive revenue goals in place. Our reputation keeps building as we are poised to become the most recognized healthcare marketing agency in the country. I need to hit this goal. Every time I start looking at some new sparkly object, I lose momentum on sales and marketing.

My entire enterprise revolves around Stodzy, because the agency provides me with the labor and the leverage to facilitate the growth of my other companies.

2. Copyblogger Pro - I finished rebuilding the membership platform. The original platform broke over and over again, and the customers weren’t enjoying the experience. I sprinted and rebuilt the entire program from scratch. Now that the product is top notch, my mission is to…

  • Increase traffic to the main Copyblogger site

  • Increase email signups to 200 new signups a day

  • Increase sales to 12 new signups a week

Below is the new sales from 3/18 till today. I feel really good about it. It was hard but it’s paying off.

3. Recovery Local - Recovery Local is always a priority. It’s been a good few months. Let me break it down more.

  • Detox Local - We finally got back the traffic we launched from when we royally fucked up the rebuild. That launch was a powerful, yet important lesson in site structure. Luckily, we were able to pivot, execute to fix the problems and it looks like we will come out on top.

  • Sober Nation - We’ve spent months rebuilding and redesigning the Sober Nation site. We were going to launch it yesterday, but I backed out last second because I want to be 10000% sure what happened with Detox Local won’t happen with Sober Nation. You can see the chart below to understand the growth that Sober Nation continues to see, I have to be so careful not to lose that traffic in the launch.

4. My Portfolio - This is the part that pulls my attention the most. I get very excited about all the new investments and additions I have made to my portfolio. This is the true long term play for me.

But I have to remember to be patient. The internet isn’t going anywhere and there is no rush. Establishing a successful portfolio of investments and companies requires judgement, patience and rational thinking. This is where I have to constantly check myself to not chase after every idea I have or every opportunity that comes my way.

In Conclusion

I have to remain focused. I have to remain disciplined. Especially now, considering I have a son and I have new responsibilities.

I need to focus my energy in one direction. The last thing I want to do is explode my energy in every direction.

I need to act like a rocket, not a bomb.