Boca Digest is Now in Action!

Last week I wrote about my conitinued interest in local media businesses, and how I was going to give Boca Digest another shot.

The recap:

  • The market for local media is high

  • The problem is that Facebook destroyed the ad market

  • Even great local magazines or websites are struggling to make profits

  • A new company called Letterhead is trying to create a solution

I’m All Signed Up with Letterhead.

I had my onboarding call with them on Friday. The software looks awesome. It is a great and easy way to give local businesses the option to advertise on a newsletter for a fair price.

Even better, the advertiser creates their own ad in just a few minutes, so I don’t ever need to hire a sales rep.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1 - A potential advertiser can go to my “storefront.” There, they can see my newsletter stats and they can see the three advertising options I have. They can purchase their ad directly on the storefront. You can click here to see what it looks like.

Step 2 - Once the advertisers submits and pays for their promotion, I get a notification and I can see the promotion scheduled on the back end of my Letterhead dashboard.

Step 3 - When I am ready to publish my newsletter, the software will give me an embed code, and then the ad displays perfectly within the email.

See example below. (This is a screen shot of the top of the newsletter. Here’s a link to see how it looks like in the full newsletter).

Getting Started

Here’s my plan.

Tricia is one of my best friends and one of my most valuable and entrusted employees. Tricia works her butt off and is a single mom. She inspires me every day. She also writes a daily blog and you should sign up for it here.

Tricia still lives on Boca and she is a great writer. I’m going to work with Tricia to get one article / newsletter written each week.

This will slowly but surely build up the email list and will genearte some buzz. The site has a long way to go, but I’m not in any rush.

I don’t expect to make any sales for at least a few months, but I do plan on having free promotions in every issue.

ANNOUNCEMENT!! - There’s at least 100 people who read my blog who live in Boca. If you want some free advertisement from a super engaged audience, hit reply!

No catch. You’d be doing me a favor.

We’ll see if it works.

I hope it does, because I’d love to get this going on as well.

Aight, hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday.