Building in Public

Get my product for free by following along

One of the reason’s I decided to start my daily blog on Substack is that I am dedicating my personal site ( to a new business idea. It’s something that I have thought about for years but never have had the courage to truly implement it.

The idea: There is an open market to help young entrepreneurs build and scale successful agencies.

The why: Entrepreneurship is glorified and it’s easier than ever to “pretend” you are building a business. But the reality is that 99% of these companies fail because young people jump right into developing products before they actually develop the skills. Agencies are great first businesses to start because they…

  • are instantly profitable

  • don’t require upfront capital

  • teach you business fundamentals

  • help you build a reputation

  • create a media entity that you can then apply to your own companies or use to get equity in other companies in the future

The how: I hired my business partner, (Jonny Naster from Hack the Entrepreneur) to help me manage my strategy, create useful content, grow my email list and help me create funnels that will build my reputation and sell my products.

The what: I will build an online brand, develop my email list and eventually build an educational product and a mastermind that will help the next wave of entrepreneurs build successful service agencies.

The process: This is the fun part!

I’ve always wanted to create a product but I would always find ways to convince myself not to. I suppose I continue to suffer from imposters syndrome. Half the reason for me hiring Jonny was because if I commit to putting the money into this, then I know I will remain motivated to get my money back and obviously turn a big profit.

There I also need to face a hard reality that I don’t know how to create a product. I’ve never done it before on a large scale. Launching Copyblogger PRO has given me a great crash course on the process and I feel ready to take on the challenge.

The plan: Every day, I am going to spend 20 minutes in the morning, working on my course and I am going to publish my work on here for free until I have fully completed my product and I am ready to ship it.

Yes, you read that right. If you follow along, you will get the entire course, for free. You will get to follow the entire process. You can watch me build in public. You can learn how I was able to build a 7 figure marketing agency that facilitated 45-50% profit margins and hasn’t burned me out.

This is how I will hold myself accountable and this is how I will build the best course ever created to help people start, build and grow highly profitable media agencies.

The when: Starting right now.

Here is the public facing course.

I will chip away at it day by day.