Charleston Adventure - Day 1

For the next week, I’ll be writing about my family trip.

I am so excited to be going on this trip with the fam. We leave in a few hours, we are driving east and making a first stop in Asheville NC, where we will stay for the night. Then tomorrow we drive to Charleston SC, where we will be staying for a week.

This will be the first vacation that we take with the little man. He’s excited as well.

I love writing about my travel and I’m thrilled to be getting out on the road again. Last time I wrote a travel blog was in October, when Jules and I took a two week trip out to see the Redwoods and then to take a trip in the desert in Sedona.

I’ve worked extremely hard the last two years. It has definitely paid off, but one of the things I sacrificed to grow my companies was my creativity. I haven’t been doing anything creatively other then writing my morning blog posts, and even that has been sporadic.

So in addition to writing my blogs, I plan to take pictures and even make videos. I truly enjoy making that kind of content. You can follow along on my Instagram and on my YouTube channel.

K, gotta finish packing. Talk to you tomorrow.