Charleston Adventure - Day 2

We’re here.

We just landed in Charleston about an hour ago. Our stop in Asheville was great. Jules and I both really loved the city. I could probably live there. We’ll keep it on the list.

We stayed in a secluded little cabin in the middle of nowhere. Not a soul to be seen or heard.

The dining room had a record player and so we listened to Miles Davis (King of Blue) and then we jumped in the hot tub for a bit and then passed out. This morning we went out looking for breakfast.

Asheville was busier on a Monday than we expected, so we had to wait 40 minutes at the place called Early Girl Eatery. It was an awesome little restaurant in some cool back alley street. It worked out perfectly because it gave us a few minutes to take Alice for a walk and snap some pictures. I got this delightful one of Jules, little dude and Alice.

I can’t get over how awesome Jules looks in her overalls.

The breakfast was great, and then we hit the road.

All was well until the last hour. Little dude had an all out melt down in the car. My lanky ass 6 foot 2 inch frame had to somehow get in the backseat with the dog and shit all over the floor to try to calm the little man down. I was un successful. I’ve never heard him scream like that ever. It was pretty stressful, but we made it here safely and now it’s really starting to feel like vacation.

Anyway, the traveling is done. Hopefully I’ll have some more time now to be more creative with the videos / pics and articles I write of our trip.

Thanks for following along. Chat tomorrow. :)