Congrats to Khabib

If you get in enough fights, eventually you will lose.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t a great fighter, it’s just math. Everyone is human and no matter how tough or fast you are, eventually someone can land a punch on you and put you out.

The other day, I was talking to my friend Colin and I said that “if Khabib wins, I hope he retires and goes out on top.”

After his dominate in yesterday, Khabib did just that.

The story is a dramatic one. Khabib was extremely close with his father and his father died of Covid-19. Khabib is deeply religious and all the fans knew this was clearly a painful experience for him, but he never mentioned it and hardly ever showed emotion about it.

But after the right, seeing Khabib break down in the way he did, it was obvious that he was bottling it all up inside.

This was the first and only fight that Khabib participated in without his father in his corner. It will also be his last professional fight. Khabib retired and retired on top, with a perfect 29-0 record and the pound for pound #1 fighter in the world.

Realistically, he’s the best fighter to ever compete, period.

I don’t think he’s ever lost a round. I don’t think he’s ever lost a minute of a round. He’s an exceptional human being, a man of character, and a man of integrity. I was happy to see him retire.

In fighting, as in life, we often stay in the fight too long. We wait until we have been knocked out over and over again to finally hang up the gloves. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can hang it up while we are still on top.

GSP did this. I am happy that Khabib did it as well.

Congrats champ. You’re the best to ever do it.

P.S. - Call your mother. Call your father. Let them know you love them. You never know what tomorrow will bring.