Give the People What they Want (MOVIE SPOILERS INSIDE)

I watched Mortal Kombat last night.

It was awesome. I loved it. The writers and directors gave the people what they wanted.

Let’s call it what it is….

I’m not watching Mortal Kombat because I’m interested in the character development, or even the plot. I’m watching the movie because I want to see awesome reenactments of my favorite fatalities, in game moves, and gimmicks from the game that brought me so much joy during my teenage years.

They nailed it.

  • Liu Kangs dragon fatality

  • Kung Lao awesome hat throws and flawless victories

  • The way Kabal and Mileena could disappear and then reappear into their purple smoke

When Scorpion appears and gave his trade mark “GET OVER HERE!!!!” I actually cheered and clapped.

They wasted no time with the plot. The plot for Mortal Kombat has been the exact same ridiculous plot since the video game was invented.

It’s an ancient tournament where champions from different realms realm fight to the death. That’s it. We don’t need more than that.

I loved it. I thought it was a great example on understanding your audience, and understanding what people are expecting when they see your movie (or read your book, or your blog, or buy your product, etc.)

It was exactly what I wanted it to be.