Gui Khury Lands a 1080 🤯

When I was a teenager, I watched Tony Hawk land the world’s first 900 and my mind almost exploded.

At the time, there were a lot of people who didn’t even think it could be done. A 900? That’s 2 1/2 rotations on a ramp. Till this day, it’s one of the most celebrated moments in skateboarding history.

Well, yesterday 12 year old Gui Khury lands a god damn 1080, which is 3 full rotations.

The best part?

He did it with Tony Hawk watching him.

How is this not the main story in every news outlet in the world? This is harder then winning a super bowl. This is harder then winning any one of those stupid car races. This is harder then going to the moon. More people have been to the moon then have landed 3 full rotations on a skateboard.

Only 1 person has ever done it. That’s Gui Khury.

I’m blown away. 12 years old.

He went into it fakie (meaning backwards) so that he didn’t lose any energy in his rotations by going side to side. All of his momentum took him straight up and right back down.

I’ve watched this 20 times already. Cry them thug tears little man.