Having Fun With It

Creative work has to be about more than making money.

As an entrepreneur, it’s natural for me to want to monetize my work and my time, but just because something isn’t monetizing doesn’t mean it’s not adding value.

My creative work should be enjoyed. Every time I think about my blog and my podcast and all my “grandiose business ideas”, the work starts to become stressful. When the work is stressful, it looses the connection with the audience because my incentive is different.

My incentive should be crystal clear: PROVIDE VALUE!

I am doing perfectly fine in my career and with my companies. I don’t need to monetize everything.

When I spend time to reflect on this pattern, I realize that it’s always coming from a place of fear.

Fear that I’ll never have enough.

Fear that I’ll crash and burn.

Fear that something terrible might happen and that I need to always have a “backup plan.”

That’s okay.

Living as an entrepreneur is stressful. It’s not like it seems in the movies. There’s a lot of worry involved because you always need to be spotting potential problems before they happen.

But for today, I have peace and serenity in doing my creative work for the sake of the work itself.