Home Sweet Home

It was a two day drive from Nashville to Philly. It feels great to be here. It feels good to drive around from place to place and show my wife some of the places I used to hang out.

We’re staying in North Philly, just north of Chinatown. It’s a side of town that has a lot of construction and contracts for new lofts and businesses. It’s exciting to see Philly turning into a new tech / retail hub. It’s great to be in this spot as I am right in between my Mom and my Dad, who live on opposite sides of town.

As much as I despise Comcast, they have brought a wave of money into Philly, for which I’m grateful.

We took a quick trip down Spring Garden street. I showed Jules where I went for my last ditch effort at college and we drove in front of the art museum so I could show her the statue of Rocky that I excitedly point out to her every time they show it on commercials of Eagles games.

It’s been nice so far.

We’ve had a great morning and I can’t wait to see my family.