I Almost Forget My Blog Post

Everyone around me has been suffering my wrath for the last few days, as I am working on moving my membership program for Copyblogger from Memberpress to Mighty Networks.

In my view, Mighty Networks has a much better user experience, except the closed source of the code base makes it very difficult to create customizations for payment gateways.

Have no fear, because I decided to obsess the last 4 days over nothing but learning about payment gateways, and how different filters within Zapier can trigger different membership ID’s to give people access to the proper levels of products and memberships.

It was a bitch, but I figured it out.

I am very very excited and dare I say, proud of myself.

The more you don’t know, the more you learn. It’s such a cool feeling to walk away from a difficult problem with a solution. I just armed myself with more tools at my disposal.

My work for today is done. I will beta test for the next few days and I will launch on Monday.

Now, it’s time to hit the rower.