I'm Moving My Blog to Substack

I’m moving my daily blog from WordPress to Substack.

Why am I making the switch?

1. Substack allows you to embed videos and tweets and it formats properly through email

I have a YouTube channel where I interview people on my podcast, make videos of the hikes my wife and I go on, and make marketing videos for my business.

The email platform I use for my current businesses (ConvertKit) doesn’t properly format the videos in email. So when people get my email every morning, it shows as a giant white box where the video should be. Because of that, I never include my videos in my daily blog post.

I like making videos and I want my subscribers to see my videos too. With substack, I can now embed the videos right into the article and they will display properly through email.

Speaking of, check out this sweet hike that Jules and I went on last week when we were in Oregon.

2. I want to protect the SEO on my site

Timstodz.com has served as a great marketing platform for me. I’ve written very in-depth articles and have had very high profile guests on my podcast. Because of that, the search volume on my site is finally starting to take off.

You can see in the image below how much organic traffic I am starting to build.

In 2019, I made a video about why writing daily blog posts are bad for SEO.

When you write lots of short blog posts on a website, Google starts to downplay your content because the search engines recognize that your content isn’t very useful for solving problems.

So I am apprehensive to write my daily blog on TimStodz.com. The people who want to follow my life and ideas and thoughts can just as easily follow along here.

3. I can say whatever I want here

When I send emails to big names and ask them to be on my podcast, it’s typical that they ask for a link to my website and breeze around for a bit. It’s important that I present my best self on my site. Imagine if Seth Godin was checking out my website and he stumbled across an article filled with fucks and shits and douchebags?

That wouldn’t be a good look.

But now that my daily blog is on substack, I can make fun of Trump and remind everyone that he has very small hands and is morbidly obese and that bigly isn’t a word.

I can also embed hysterical tweets from friends like this one…

Moving my blog over to Substack gives me a little bit of space between the business casual Tim and the Tim that likes to curse and laugh and offensive jokes.

From now on, my blog will be even better because I can embed media, I can write without fear of ruining my SEO, and I can be myself.

Don’t worry, you can still expect an email from me every morning.