I'm the Best

A beautiful moment last night during the UFC event.

A quick backstory, Rose Namajunas is a former flyweight UFC champ. She beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk, who was widely considered the greatest female fighter alive, in epic fashion.

After she won the title, Rose became very overwhelmed with the attention that being a champ brought to her life. When she lost the title, she quickly made a statement saying that losing the title felt like a relief.

In interview requests since then, Rose spoke about getting right with God and finding the belief in herself. I’m sure we can all relate.

Last night, Rose stepped up once again to fight for the title. This was her toughest challenge yet. She went up against current champ, Weili Zhang, the most dominant flyweight champ yet, and China’s first MMA super star.

Here’s the result if you want to see it. (SPOILER)

For good measure, here’s a funny video of the commentators after it happened.

But the best part is what lead up to the fight.

If we remember, Rose was battling feelings of doubt, feeling like she wasn’t worthy of the title and feeling like being a champion was actually a burden.

This time around, her mindset was completely different.

This is a beautiful video that made me emotional, especially as I watched it live.

A special moment and a special lesson about belief, timing, trusting, the process and faith.