Investing in Yourself

Why is it so hard?

When I make investments in businesses, I do it without emotion.

I have no problem looking at a market, making choices and then ultimately deciding on whether to invest or not. I write the check, and then move on to the next one.

So why is it so challenging and emotional to make investments in myself?

Yesterday, I finally made the choice to hire and expert to help me with my personal brand. I’ve been developing a marketing strategy for months and I see a great market in which I wish to serve.

But the choice is full of emotion.

  • Do I really want to spend this money on myself?

  • Isn’t there something else I should be doing with this money?

  • Is this a stupid idea and shouldn’t I do something safer?

These internal battles happen to all of us in areas outside of just business.

For instance, when money gets tight, what are the first things we cut?

  • We start buying cheaper food

  • We cancel the personal trainer and the gym membership

  • We stop buying courses and educational products that will increase our knowledge and skill set for the future.

Why do we do this? Why is it that investing in yourself feels like a selfish act or like a waste of resources?

I’m fighting against this urge and I’m spending the time and money needed to build the personal business I have always dreamed of.