It's Tim. Last Tim I'll Change the Name... I Promise

I’m definitely going to lose some subscribers today.

It’s fine. I’m sure it’s annoying to have the name of my blog change once again. You’re probably rolling your eyes already.

But seriously, there’s good reasoning.

I love to have this blog. It’s an idea box. It’s a way I can publish my thoughts without the pressure of expectation. I have no analytics attached to this site. I don’t watch my web traffic. I don’t try to sell anything. I use my morning blog as a mechanism to help me think.

I still have I publish all my long form business content on that site.

So I named this blog Timothy Grant, because Grant is my middle name. I thought it sounded sophisticated.

But people we’re still getting the two brands confused. I’m a dummy. I don’t know why I keep naming websites after myself.

Many of you following me on my blog know who I am. But from now on, I am keeping my blog completely anonymous. Even the welcome email that gets sent out to new subscribers will be anonymous. I won’t mention my name at all.

If people want to try and figure it out, cool. I’m not keeping it a secret. But I won’t be promoting it at all.

It’s simply a blank page.