My Best Muay Thai Session Yet

I attend Muay Thai class every Tuesday and Friday.

I love it. I wish I started when I was younger.

I have very long legs and long arms. Throughout my athletic journey, it’s been difficult for me to stay flexible and mobile.

I say that because as I’ve been focusing on Muay Thai, my hip flexibility and mobility issues have become so apparent.

I went into Muay Thai being overly confident. I’ve always been good at sports and so I arrogantly thought I would instantly be good at Muay Thai as well.

I wrong.

Learning how to control my hips has been extremely challenging.

Also, since I am so long, I’ve had to really focus on keeping my arms and my body from flailing around as I throw my kicks. So learning how to swing my arm (it helps generate rotation) while also keeping my other hand by my head requires a lot of concentration.

This is how you’re supposed to do it. (See how his arms and his posture is tight?)

This is how I have been doing it.

I’ve been working really hard to get better. As soon as class is done, I think about how much I can’t wait to do it again.

Yesterday’s class was my best session yet.

I was able to maintain the entire 45 minutes without gassing out. I’ve been an endurance athlete my entire life, so I was shocked at how tired I was getting at the classes. I’ve learned that stamina in Muay Thai is as much about controlling your breathing as it is being in shape.

But also, the way I need to “step into my kicks” is finally clicking.

I’m still flailing around too much and I still need to open up my hips more. I mean, I still suck lol. But after class yesterday I felt really proud of my improvement.

There was one combination in particular that required me to kick from both sides with punches and elbows and finish with a high kick. I flowed through it smoothly and really ended with a tight head kick. It was probably the highest and cleanest kick I ever threw. It felt effortless, which is how it’s supposed to feel.

I’ve been telling my wife that “my goal is to be able to kick high enough to easily kick someone in the head.” As soon as I finished that combination I thought “damn I would have kicked that guy right in the fucking head.”

It felt good. lol.

It’s been really fun. It’s great to suck at something again.

Can’t wait to keep learning.

P.S. - The two coaches I’ve been working with are an awesome couple named Sarah and Tyler. They have an adorable little family and they support each other with Muay Thai. Their videos give me lots of improvement and inspiration. You should follow them.