No One Can Do the Writing But Me

My role as an entrepreneur is no longer as a writer.

I don’t write anymore, at least not outside of my blog, sending emails, or creating documentation for the team.

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, when I would stay up all night and write. I would listen to Deadmau5, I would sit in the dark and I would tap into the creative forces to produce work that I am proud of.

This is how I built Sober Nation and in large part, how I built Stodzy. This creative writing is a skill more then an artform. It’s a business skill. It’s a specific tactic in building brands.

I don’t write like that anymore. Why not?

1. It’s not the best use of my time - It’s just not. It’s way more important for me to spend 7 hours doing research for a $10,000 a month proposal than it is to write a long form guide.

2. I haven’t wanted to - Writing is hard. It’s the hardest thing in the world. There’s nothing harder then staring directly into yourself. The truth is, it’s been nice paying someone else to do the soul crushing work of writing copy.

3. I have lost the habit of writing - Writing is more of a habitual process than a creative one. Great writers become great because they write every day. It’s easier to keep the boulder rolling then it is to get it moving.

There are things I truly love about not being on the hook to write 3 articles a week. I have so much more freedom over my time. I’m not obsessing over how good my next article is and I’m very happy in my big picture thinking. Now my time is spent closing deals, working with my team, and networking with other people. In a lot of ways, I have finally gotten to the point where I always wanted to be.

It feels good.

But something else has happened. I miss writing.

For the last 3 months, I have been looking all over for a ghost writer, someone who can put words on a page in a way that at least resembles my unique style and articulation. As my product launch for Agency Clarity becomes nearer and nearer, I will need to have great content written to establish my expertise, grow my brand and build my email list.

It’s been a terrible failure. I’ve wasted close to $1000 over the last year, buying articles from writers as a way to test out if they could match my tone and my voice.

They couldn’t. Maybe they can’t. They probably never will. Because there is only one me.

If I truly want Agency Clarity to be a success, I will need to write the content myself.

No one else can do it but me.

“Dance with the one who brought you.” That’s the expression, right?

I owe everything I have to my writing. Many people don’t know this, but writing is how I met my wife. She was reading my articles for Sober Nation and reached out to me.

I often feel like I am turning my back on the thing that matters most.

It’s time that I took my professional writing more seriously again. I realize that it won’t be the way it used to be. My son will not allow me to stay up till 2 am, writing peacefully in the dark.

No, this time around I will need to develop a system. I can’t stop everything I am doing to build this new project of mine.

Here is my plan.

Monday: Outline

  • Research and decide on the keyword

  • Write an outline of the post

  • Create the tagline

Tuesday: Rough Draft

  • Don’t think, just write

  • Get 1200 words written

Wednesday: Polish

  • Do the real work of editing

  • Do the real work of reformulating my words into clear coherent thoughts

  • Delete as many unnecessary words as possible

Thursday: Finalize and Publish

  • Read out loud

  • Publish

  • Share on my socials

My commitment is to publish one post a week for the rest of the year.

I’m hoping what will happen is that the habit will be formed, and it will be smooth sailing from this point forward.

Here we go.