Paying Your Dues

Over the last year, I’ve started being more active on Twitter.

I try my hardest to come out with clever things to say so that people will think I’m deep over overly philosophical or whatever. It doesn’t work for me because my success comes from doing the same things every day.

I don’t have any new concepts or ideas to bring to the table. Everything I know is lessons that were taught to me. So if I were to go “all in” on Twitter, I would basically be posting the same things every day, day after day.

Yesterday, I was on Danny Miranda’s podcast, and he brought up my “dues paid” photos that I post. He said that he enjoyed them.

That caught me off guard because I hardly realize that anyone pays attention to the content I post. To hear that a simple picture of me giving proof that I got in my workout for the day is helping other people, well that’s a good enough reason for me to keep doing it.

So here’s the thing…

I’m simple

I’m boring

I am unoriginal

I am a creature that is built on habit, routine, discipline, and focus.

Everything that I do, I do because I have something inside of me telling me that I need to make the most of each day and get the most out of myself so that I don’t waste this beautiful, precious life that I have.

And maybe that’s my message.

The truth is, I really do want to build a Twitter following. As much as I roll my eyes at social media, I have found Twitter to be an awesome community and I also know that having a following is a great tool for me to have in the future.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that I don’t have to be deep or witty or even original. I can just document the things that I do every day because there are people out there who think like me and act like me.

I think I can be an example for those people.

We all have dues to pay. Every time we do something that is good for us, we are making a deposit into our bank account of life. We are making an investment in our future selves. We are paying our dues required for health, wealth, and fulfillment.

So each day, I’ll pay my dues and I’ll help guide those who want to take the same approach as much.