Proof of Results

My friend Jack Butcher has built a brand called Visualize Value.

Jack believes people more easily understand concepts when they can be visualized. He has created a very unique brand by creating black and white graphics that only use a few shapes and work to explain high level concepts through visuals.

Here is an example below…

After creating Visualize Value, Jack started recognizing patterns in how he was growing his own brand, and he put together a course that teaches people how to do the same for themselves.

In his course, called Build Once, Sell Twice, Jack makes a point that “proof of work” is the best marketing material you have.

It’s one thing to create blog posts, podcasts and emails that give away value. But it’s a totally different thing to publicly display the results that your brand generates.

I’ve never been very public about the results we generate. In fact, I’ve been the opposite.

To me, I’ve been working with the assumption that “the results will speak for themselves.” I figure if my customers and clients are happy, they will tell their friends and the idea will spread.

I am rethinking this idea and seeing it from a new perspective. Maybe I need to be a little more confident in displaying my results. My companies will do around $4M in revenue this year and will generate tens of millions of dollars for our clients and customers.

I think that’s worth mentioning. Even better, I think it’s worth being public about how we do it.

Maybe self promotion is only arrogant when you are promoting bells and whistles.

If I am promoting honest results from honest work, all I am doing is displaying the truth.

I am going to be more intentional about this.

Thanks Jack.