The Conveyer Belt

I have a concept in my head that I am trying to formulate.

Last night, I was trying to write an article about this concept, but I couldn’t organize it in my head. So this mornings email will serve as a notepad for me so I can start putting this together.

Here goes…


If you do it right, you can build an online business that completely runs and operates itself. Your only requirement in the business is to feed the system.

I call it “The Conveyer Belt.”

Step 1 - Build a Website

Your website is your home base. It is where you go to show people who you are and how you want to be of service.

Every good online business has a website. Without a website, you have nothing to call your own.

Step 2 - SEO a Website

The first step is to drive traffic. SEO is the best form of traffic because it is intent driven. You know by the very nature of the search, what someone is looking for.

For instance, if someone searches for “best plumbers in Nashville” you know that they are looking for a plumber in Nashville. The intent makes search traffic more valuable than any other traffic.

Once the system is set up, the main focus is to drive more traffic with inbound search.

Step 3 - Email

Your email list is the only audience that you actually own.

No one can take your email list away from you. It’s a one on one relationship with the people you wish to serve.

In addition, email can be automated. An autoresponder can sell your product for you. It should look loosely like this.

  • intro email

  • value add (free content)

  • agitate (wouldn’t it be better if…)

  • solution to agitation (your product)

  • sales page to buy product

Step 4 - Great Products

Great automations can sell a product, but the reality is that bad products will never scale.

The quality of the product is critical. If your product is shit, the conveyer built will get blocked because the system won’t have a chance to get into the next step.

People need to talk about you. So creating a product that people want is a crucial step.

Step 5 - Reviews and Social Proof

Now that you’ve delivered your amazing product, you end with an incentive for people to share your work on social media.

Maybe you could give people a partial discount in exchange for sharing your product on social media. Maybe you could give them a discount for future sales.

However you decide to do it, you must apply incentive so that people WANT to share your product.

Step 6 - Apply Leverage at Scale

Now that you have a revenue generating machine, your only job is to continue scaling it.

Every article you write, has the potential to leverage your traffic.

If each time you write a new article that drives traffic, your time has been replicated by X number of times.

For instance, let’s imagine that I spend two hours writing an article that generates 1000 hits a month and generates 50 email opt ins a month. Let’s say out of those 50 opt ins, 2 people buy a product. Let’s say I price my product at $300 a piece. Well that article has made a return on investment of $300 an hour.

That’s not counting all the revenue generated in the future and then we have to account for the fact that each article I write has the potential to create that scale.

That’s all I got this morning. Thank you for reading my rough draft outline. This article is going to be shared hundreds of thousands of times so I need to make sure it’s good.

You have any other insight? Feel free to hit reply and let me know.