The Importance of Making Up Your Mind

The more you do, the less gets done.

The biggest priority for me right now is to stay focused on the work that matters most. That means …

  1. Bringing in new clients

  2. Serving those clients as well as possible

  3. Managing the systems and processes in place

That’s it.

All the other wild ideas I have are finding their place in the “yes, but not right now” category in my mind.

I decided last week to implement the long term plan for This site is going to serve as another lead generation site for the agency side of the business. I’m going to use it to target local businesses that aren’t in the healthcare space.

It’s been years of me thinking and planning different ideas for that site. I’ve tried to build a “personal brand” (whatever that means), I’ve tried to create a newsletter, I’ve tried to establish an investment portfolio. None of these strategies have materialized into something meaningful. There’s always a nagging thought in my mind that says “it might be better if I do it this way.”

Not anymore.

The only way to discover if something works or not is to stick with it for years. So from this point forward, will act as another lead generation / branding site for the agency. It will be a personal consulting company, which will act as an extension to Stodzy.

I am about halfway through my lead collection page.

This is a space I feel comfortable in. I’m excited to watch this come together.