Title Boxing

I really enjoy fitness classes. Being around other people is always motivating for me and the atmosphere that these new age community fitness centers create make the experience a lot of fun. I love the loud music, the hype, the motivation. It’s great.

I loved going to Orange Theory. The combination of running, rowing, and HIIT training was right up my alley. But after my back surgery, I couldn’t do it anymore. The impact from the running was too much. I’ve missed it very much.

Last week I took the leap and signed up for Title Boxing. Yesterday was my first class. I enjoy boxing as I did a good amount of hitting mits with my old personal trainer. The class was a lot of fun.

I expected to be a bit out of shape with my cardio, but I had to take more breaks then I expected. The kicks in particular were exhausting.

I do not have the hip flexibility to throw high kicks in the way that I used to. My hip mobility and flexibility has gotten worse over the years. I think kickboxing is going to be a great help for this.

The timing for this is perfect. I’ve been sharing with you how I’ve been feeling stuck lately. Anytime I go through a down phase in how I’m feeling, I always find a way to break the pattern or find a new fitness routine that can snap me out of it.

I’m excited about it.