Today, I Am Committing to Doing the Thing

I’m going to create a course.

For the last 10 years, our mini empire has been built off of the back of lead generation and services. I’ve never had the patience to do the deep focused work that it takes to create a course.

But today is the day that I am committing to doing it.

Here’s my plan…

Agency Clarity

I’ve been slowly creating content for this site. The point of is to help upstart entrepreneurs start, build, and scale service businesses, such as a marketing agency or a design agency or a service business of any kind.

I’m about to hit the point where the site takes off. The traffic has been climbing steadily, but I’m right at that take off zone. 🚀

When people come to the site, I give away a free course which gives a basic framework of how the team and I built Stodzy.

As my Twitter profile grows, and as the organic traffic in the site grows, the more people sign up for the free course and the more email addresses I collect. I’m collecting about 2 emails a day.

So this is all well and good, except once people sign up for the free course, I lose them. I have nothing built to continue to educate and serve them.

Systematize Pro Education

I bought a domain called I’m not sure if I like the domain or not, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I created a front end store to sell the digital products I plan to create. I did everything I could to avoid doing the actual work of building the products.

There’s many different products I’d like to build.

Agency Clarity is just the first one. Eventually, I’d love to have a course that teaches people how to…

  • Create successful newsletters

  • Get better at sales

  • Learn SEO

Even things like…

  • Use Google Drive to build internal CRM’s

  • A membership that gives access to weekly meetings on investing or building online brand.

The Commitment

I am going to write one lesson a day, every day, until it’s done. I should be finished by April 1.

Naturally, there may be some complications with us having a baby, but if that’s the case then I will need to do two lessons a day on some days.

Once this thing gets going, it will be a great stream of income. It’s going to be a great product in an industry that I understand well. I can provide great value to people with this course.

I need to do the deep, focused work that I keep putting off.