I say “yolo” way too often.

Recently, I’ve gone one step further and for some reason started saying “you only yolo once.”

It makes no sense.

YOLO is the thing I say right before I do something in-between reckless and brave.

  • climbing up a dangerous rock wall in Sedona with Jules - YOLO!

  • dropping $60k for a piece of a company with no revenue - YOLO!

  • sending cold emails to Seth Godin to see if I can get him on my podcast - YOLO

Anyway, in this podcast I was listening to, someone submitted a piece of advice to switch it from YOLO to TOLO.

This idea is that “they only live once.”

What would happen if all of us treated each other with this idea fresh in our minds? If every time we met a new person, we quickly reminded ourselves that this person only has a short time to live?

Would we behave differently?

What if we treated them like they only had 2 weeks left to live?

1 week?

1 day?

What if instead of focusing on my own short life, I started focusing more on the lives of others?

It’s interesting to think about.