What to do with all these ideas?

Ideas are easy.

I have so many ideas that I can’t keep count. The best part about my ideas is that they are GREAT IDEAS!

Don’t we all feel that way?

“I have this great idea, but I don’t have the time.”

This is where the entrepreneur types chime in and remind you that “your idea is shit” and that the only thing that matters is your execution.

So in theory, an idea is only as valuable as it’s physical representation or your ability to turn your idea into a reality.

But this is only partially true.

Ideas can spread and ideas can be morphed or molded into something bigger or something that changes how people act and think.

But how much value does an idea have within itself? Some ideas will never be turned into something physical, but they will change the fabric of reality.

For instance…

  1. Racial equality

  2. The Protestant work ethic

  3. Minimalism

These ideas don’t need to be executed on. They just are. They can’t be touched or felt or seen. Yet, it could easily be argued that ideas like this have a bigger impact that some kind of product or service that would be introduced to the world if someone executed on them.

What’s the lesson?

Keep having ideas. Keep writing down your ideas. Keep finding ways to introduce ideas to the world and pay attention to what catches on.

“Ideas that spread, win.” - Seth Godin

Once you find something that sticks, you will know when to go all in on something. But don’t keep your ideas from the world because you think that they are worthless by themselves.

Keep in mind, that there is always a possibility one of your ideas will catch on by accident. You could potentially introduce something to the world that has a bigger impact than anything you could have executed on.

Sometimes, an idea is the most powerful force we have.

“Ideas are bulletproof” - V