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Giving Yourself Some Credit

Building Momentum

My life ... In shambles

Status is changing

Where's your bad writing?

What to do about climate change

What I will miss about Nashville

My Unfair Advantage

What I'm Thankful For

I've Changed My Mind on Sponsorships

Can't Wait to Get to Denver

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Getting Back in the Flow

Kari Lake ... So Embarrassing

An Amazing Step Forward

Trump is a loser

You don't get rich by "providing value."


Getting grounded

I have to do the thing


Planning out the podcast

Racing thoughts

I want to get better at giving presentations

Overseas companies

The perfect business model

No More News

Jordan Peterson

The best avenue of self refinement

Becoming a better speaker

The 6 Success Tenets

Nobody Opened the Door

Biden's Speech

Skin in the Game

Raising young men

Trimming the hedges

Alone in the dark

Willow Ocean Stoddart

Chapter 4: Florida

Chapter 3: A Flight to California

Chapter 2: Guajarati

Chapter 1: The Cycle

The Outline

It's time to break the pattern

Ok ... Time to get serious

Jules is kicking butt

Taking every call


Full of Fear


I do it for the money

10 years from now, I will be happy I did it

A quick reminder

Good guys with guns

Happy 4th of July - Try Not to Get Shot

This week in America

Short Term vs. Long Term

It's Easy To Focus on the Losses

Following Through on Stage 2

Today I learned ...

Don't Flinch

My Personal Brand is Growing!

Mining for Rare Earth Minerals (No Gun Talk Today, I Promise)

Another Mass Shooting ... This is My Shocked Face

Politics on an X and Y Axis

School Shootings

Patience is Stupid (But Also ... Not)

I'm Making Progress

The hardest part of creating art ...

Every Day For the Next Five Days ...

I Had the Best Day Today

The Fourth Turning

Feeling Good

Purposeful Practice

Why Are People So Mad at Elon?

What's Going On With Me Lately?

Mother Fuckin Stranger Things Season 4!!!

Failing in Public

I'm the Worst Thai Fighter

Technology in Healthcare

What Do I Do With All My Ideas?

Why Membership Sites are So Damn Profitable (and hard)

How to Turn Attention into a Cash Flowing Asset

Poise in the Face of Calmness

5 am workouts

The Homeless Problem in Portland Oregon

A Quick Hike to Lake Trillium

Juliana Turned 30!

A Fun Day in Seattle

Fitness and Fatherhood

I'm No Longer Giving Advice

Why I Need to Write Every Day

A Trip on the Mountains

Back in Nashville

Julian Eating Sand - Miami Day 7 (I think?)

I Love It Here - Miami Day 5

We Made It - Miami Day 3

Death and the Meaning of Life - Miami Day 2

Is This All Going to Fit in the Car? - Miami Day 1

Connection of Mind and Body

The Morning Pick Me Up