A Milestone in My Fitness Recovery

A few days ago I wrote about my sister training me. She is coaching me on mobility training and teaching me how to workout by strengthening my core and my hips.

It’s been difficult. I’m used to being able to excel at fitness and exercise, but since doing these intense, focus driven workouts with my sister, I feel like a beginner.

However, now that I am three weeks in, I am starting to see some real results and some success.

It feels great. Now that I am learning how to activate my core and brace myself during my workouts, I’m finally getting through my workouts without being in awful pain afterwards.

Yesterday, I was able to fully extend my core out in front of me.

Typically, this position puts terrible pressure on my back to the point where it feels like I am ripping the scar tissue apart where my surgery was. It’s like I can hear it ripping through my body.

This was the first time in years that I was able to perform this movement without feeling any pain.

You can see at the beginning of each rep, I take a second to focus, get my pelvis under me, brace my glutes and deflate my rib cage.

This is a big milestone for me. I’m thrilled to share it and thanks so much to Alex for being the best mobility trainer in the business.