I knew I should have gone stealth this time. 😉

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Too late. 📈📈📈

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Brilliant, Tim!

Thanks for sharing -and for always being so transparent.

If Tim Stoddart is following Brian Clark,

We should be following Tim Stoddart.

Tim is already successful in the behavioral health space (addiction center marketing), and he's doubling down.

What are ADHD and Autism if not behavioral health?

These two subjects are "cool" to talk about now.

And, as adults, we now understand these issues (i.e. thinking & behavior patterns) play an enormous role -probably the main and starring role in how we think, act, fail, and succeed in the world.

There aren't ADHD or autism treatment centers for adults...

But there's opportunity here to help.

So, what has helped me?

Write about that, silly. 😮

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