Protecting Your Treasure from Pirates

What’s the most valuable asset in the world?

It’s not crypto.

It’s not oil.

It’s not microchips.

It’s not the dollar bill.

It’s your focus.

Your focus is the only asset that really matters. It is the alpha and the omega. It is the only commodity that means anything. In order to sell you an idea, a product, a service or a story, an organization must first capture your focus.

Without it, they have nothing.

If you want to be productive and successful, your biggest priority should be to ruthlessly protect your focus. Without ownership and utility of your focus, you will never go anywhere.

The Pirates are Attacking

How do you protect your focus?

In truth, I don’t know.

I have developed some internal frameworks that have worked for me, but I don’t have any applicable tips other than to be mindful and discipline with your focus.

I like to visualize it. I see the entire world as a band of pirates. I am living peacefully on a secluded island, and the pirates have surrounded my island and they are after my piles of gold that I have buried inland.

The pirates will do anything to come ashore. They bombard me with cannon balls. They sail full steam into the beach and try to drop anchor. They offload into row boats and try to make their way onto my dry land.

The pirates are the red dots, the notifications, the bright arrows, the FOMO, the latest pair of jeans, the commercials of smiling faces and frosted beer bottles trying to make you believe that your life is boring and unfulfilled.

The pirates will stop at nothing. They will not stop attacking your shores.

But they only want one thing. They only want your pile of gold.

And your job is to right them off. Your job is to take no prisoners and show absolutely no mercy towards their wellbeing. Because the pirates don’t want to help you. They pirates bring nothing of value.

They only want your gold.