Hey Tim! I agree...we should be able to have an open and honest dialogue on guns. Here are some points first: according to the CDC fatal crashes cause approximately 3,700 deaths per day. Every day, more than 110 Americans are killed with guns. So we license drivers and still they get behind the wheel and do stupid shit and people die, including children. I'm not against back ground checks or restrictions on who can own a gun. The fact remains, a gun cannot kill anyone unless someone pulls the trigger. Our problem is not the guns. We have a mental health crisis in our country. People will find a way to do evil because there are evil people and mentally immoral people. Again, I'm not saying we cannot have some restrictions, but the root of the problem is people, evil people and people with serious mental issues. Bad people will find a way to get guns and to harm others. We have plenty of guns in our house and none of them have killed a single human. The National Rifle Association began to promote gun safety. Responsible gun owners learn about gun safety, teach their children gun safety and their guns are used properly. I know you're angry and sad about what happened - about any shooting - good people are. I would just like you to think on this a bit more. The media hypes it up. If bad people continue to find ways to get their hands on weapons (and they always will), I want to have a way to protect myself.

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