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For context, I was a liberal republican - as far as political beliefs, I am more libertarian than anything. Live and let live. Don't impose restrictions. Government should be limited. We should take care of the earth and each other to the best of our abilities. Hard, honest work and integrity go a long way in my book.

Unfortunately, there is good and evil in this world. Life continues to sway without ever hitting a true center or balancing point. There is chaos and order, always more of one than the other. Yin and Yang as Chinese Philosophy would state it with all of the complexities of the state of this world.

The problem in Portland, in my humble opinion, is as you describe - a lot of words and little action. BLM has failed the black community in huge ways. People rallied behind it looking for hope for a better society for people of color - but the people running it were more interested in personal gain than serving others. It is the way with many organizations.

People like to talk about corporate greed, then admire famous singers, athletes, and actors who are among the wealthiest in society. Discounting the enormous risk and work people have put into building companies.

Accountability is key. This could be a very long discussion, but I have to get back to work. That's what we do, those of us who are willing to put the work in to create a better life for our families. Serve others when and where we can and try to live a balanced life ourselves. I hope you find a place you all feel very comfortable calling home. I'm sure you'll do a lot of good wherever that may be.

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