Jules rules 💪🏼 Tim drools 😰-all in all -pretty cool 😎

What was the return trip like?

Shaky legs?

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Very shaky. Down was tough on the knees.

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Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club et al) says that’s how you know you’ve told a good story....

Pretty soon everyone else in the room has their own version of the story you just told… They see themselves in it

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I think I just hijacked your story made it all about me😂

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There’s a long uphill climb in the Great Smoky Mountains (TN) that leads to a scenic overlook called Clingman’s Dome

I took my kids there when they were just little tikes…

They were running around and having the time of their lives 🥳

I was pretty sure I was going to have a massive, coronary and die on the spot 😂

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It was funnynotfunny

I was seriously worried 😟

But that little scare was enough.

I lost 100 pounds over the next three months

I was not going to let my children see their old man keel over and die a fatass

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