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Truth Telling

Doing The Same Things Every Day

A Great Christmas Hike

The Best Live Performance Of All Time

Garden Of The Gods

Being A Leader

Doing It My Way

Hey Tim. Where Have You Been?

Stepping Up For My Wife

The Paradox Of Social Media

Breaking The Pattern

Elon ... 🤔

Daily Reflection

Too Much On Marketing?

Don't Be Better, Be Different

The Number Of People Who Own Their Homes Outright Is At A Record High

The First Free Friday

"They Get Their Energy From You."

A Good Reason To Publish Your Writing

Two Major Lessons In Building An Outbound Sales Team

Why Do People Keep Making The Same Stupid Mistakes?

Okay, I'm Doing It

"Money Is Like Manure"

Small Improvements

Never Gets Old

Let Your Leaders Lead

No More Instagram

Go Birds

4 Years

Denver Meet Up

Thank The Boomers For Home Prices

The Process Is The Solution

Curated Or Long Form?

Controlling Your Mind

Un - win - able

Hozier At Red Rocks

Between The Ears

Dancing Naked

Letting It Come To You


You, Not I

I Want To Be Better

The New And Improved Sober Nation

I Love It Here

All The Ways I Can Grow My Podcast

Too Stupid To Live

Making It Ugly

Charlie Munger

The 5 and 5

Little Dude On A Skateboard

It Takes Longer Than You Think

Setting The Standard

Less Goo Eaggless

The Price Of A Home

Taylor Swift

Another Great Day

First Day In San Diego

I Changed My Mind

This is the end


A New Record


Getting Focused

Happiness is ...

Kids Don't Listen ...

Home Prices

King of Kings


Podpage: A Product I Wish I Created

Hickory Smoked Horse Buttholes

Longevity Gains

A Weekend At Estes Park

Finding Your Path: A Conversation with Eric Lam

Tips For Cold Email

The One You Don't Want To Do


The Royal Arch In Boulder CO

Doing Big Things

You Should Start A Podcast: Here's The Proof

Women In The Squat Rack

My Full Focus On Stodzy 3.0

A Pain You Cherish

Treatment Leads Is Live

The Incline

Being Tired

The Reps

My Lucky Break

Chief Mountain Trail

A New Era For The Copyblogger Pod

New Video Style

I Think This Is Going To Work

Update On Outbound

Feeling Like Myself Again

Remember What You Have

Saying No

Mind Your Footing

A Hilarious Case Of Stolen Identity

An Evening Walk With The Fam

China's Youth Unemployment Rate

I Suck

My Brain Is Racciiiiiinnngggg

Recording Videos

Saturday Mornings

Cave Of Bones

It's Something I Have To Do

A Big Moment

"You Have A Piece Of Rusty Metal In Your Eye"

Start Typing

I Broke The Chain

Clearing The Mind

The Power Of Making A Decision

Goals Over Growth

The Truth About Sobriety

I'm Now 30% Owner Of

The Value Of Daily Routines

A Pain Free Runn Around The Lake

What Needs To Be Done (Not What I Want To Do)

Building My Sales Team

Threads Get 10M Downloads On The First Day

Will Threads Kill Twitter?

Love America

Soft Skills

Daniel Negeanu vs Phil Ivey

Twitter Down

How To Relax

Giving Gifts

But What If I Don't?

Ignorance Or Bliss?

Sharpening The Ax

The Art Of Doing Nothing

Twitter and Rage Porn

Zenlife and #Peacemode

Hitting Publish (Again)

Friends From Around The World

Lessons I've Learned From Writing a Book

Chapter 6 - Grandpa Richard

Chapter 5 - Gramps

A Step Back To Outline The Book

Chapter 4 - Bobby

Chapter 3 - Bernard

Chapter 2 - Coach Ira

Chapter 1 - My Dad

Chapter 0 - The Samsara

Making New Friends

There Are Two Of You

Media Is Dead

Next Level Sales Management

Gary Brecka

Don't break the chain

Learning to Trash

Trying to Get my Head on Straight

For The Moms

Watching Cousins at Play

Doing The Work

Call Your Parents

Time to Think

Yesterday Was a Great Day


Defending the Muay Thai Plum

I Want to Get Better

There's No "Help Others" Section

Children Doing Shit!

Some Free Writing

Not Everything Needs to Be About Race

Staying Focused on What Produces REAL Revenue!

Biz Dev is More Important Than "Marketing" for Getting Clients

Special Access to My Paid Course on Copywriting

The Last Of Us

Getting My Son to Listen

Cold Outreach

To SEO, or not to SEO ... that is the question

My Perfect Morning Productivity Routine

Getting In the Game

Areas of Self Improvement

This is a warm up session

A House Full of Love

[Book Review] - Think and Grow Rich Is the Best Tool to Grow Your Newsletter

My Plan to Start Paid Advertising

How Google is Dealing with A.I.

Should We Charge or Should We Keep It Free?

I'm no longer listening to other people talk negative about agencies

My 2023 Resolution: Learning to Say No